Rotten Mind

by Victimized

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released June 17, 2017

Recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Brian Kirby & Mike Hoskins
Written by Victimized
Thank you to our San Diego Hardcore family and everyone else who continues to support Victimized. Thank you David Pierce/Corrupted Booking, Mike Correa, and Carlos Pacheco for the opportunities you've given us. Thank you Kirby and Mike H. for helping us create this EP. Shout out to Jake and Nick. Shout out Slam Worldwide. SDBD.



all rights reserved


Victimized San Diego, California

We're a beatdown band from San Diego, CA.
Ruben // Vocals
Alex // Guitar
??? // Bass
Clay // Drums

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Track Name: Rotten Mind
Hell is my home (x2)

I am so lost
Our minds will rot
What the fuck is going on
I'm so fucked up
Track Name: Worthless

You don't mean
A fucking thing
To anyone
In this world
You'll never
Make it out
In your filthy
Fucking life

God, am I worthless?
God, we're all worthless.

I don't want to hear from you
Your words make me sick
I'll gouge out my fucking eyes
I just want to see you die

God, am I worthless?
God, we're all worthless.

Point a gun to my fucking head
This is just the start
Pull the trigger to break the restraints
All I want is to think of your fucking pain

Worthless (x3)
Track Name: Isolation (ft. Jake from Activist)
There is no one to save us from this damned earth
We live in a world of pain and suffering
Everyone is ready to die when the worst has just begun
So in a time of despair you tell me
Where is your god?

Don't run
They will hunt you down
They wait for
You to come out
Put in your place
Not giving any fucks
But in reality
You're pussy ass fucks

Rot, Rot, Rot,
Rot in hell

Rot in hell

I've been treated like shit
Fuck your expectations, I'll never amount to it
Trying to act hard, and you'll see
I'd rather die than let you get the best of me

I've got no where to run
I've got no where to hide

Track Name: Nothing To Lose (ft. Nick from Peace In Terror)
There's nothing left
For me in this world
I have no one
To live for
My life
Its fading away
Its dying
Before my eyes

There's no
Fucking solution
To relieve me
of this pain
These drugs
that I take
Won't help me

Overdosing on prescription pills
They help me keep my sanity
Alcoholism helps me sleep at night
But I can't escape the reality

No regrets

Angel of death, bring darkness to me
I can't continue, my soul is suffering
There's got to be a better solution
Better than self inflicted retribution

I will not be left here to die
Track Name: Violencia
Solo miro la sangre
De la gente que has matado
Me has separado
De la gente que amo

Sufro en este mundo
Hecho de odio
Viviendo en un infierno
Que es mi vida

Esta mundo esta hecho
De puro desgraciado
Este mundo esta lleno
De tantos pendejos

Violencia (x2)

La sangre core las calles
Matando a los innocente
Todas las vidas perdidas
Con nuestras mentes pudridas

Violencia (x3)
Track Name: Felicidad Y Paz
Felizidad Y Paz

Soy un hombre
Con un mente pudrida
En mi sueños
No puedo encontrar felizidad

Soy un joven
Con nada que vivir
En mi vida
No puedo encontrar paz

Felizidad Y Paz (x2)

No puedo encontrar felizidad
No puedo encontrar paz
Solo tengo esta copa de veneno
Que me infecta le cabeza

En mi mente, Ya estoy muerto

En mi mente
Ya estoy muerto (x2)